Art Play II

Ideal For Age 4 Between the ages of 4 – 5 years old, children can be stated as the “early figurative” stage. At this stage, drawing is a form of communication, as well as a means of exploring the visual world. Therefore in this programme, we will have a series of activities such as drawing, painting and simple craft making to help them to form concepts about themselves and the environment. Also in combination with the drawing, painting and simple craft making, a series of play activities will be included to develop their creative expression. In addition, we will also help them to build up visual experience through observation about the surroundings around them. Sensory stimulation will be emphasized as well because this will build up their creativity and their expression through their artwork.
Class Details
Duration1 hour
PriceS$480.00 / 12 Lessons
Art SetS$55.00
Evaluation TestS$15.00
Open ScheduleClass Timing To Be Further Discussed
The Grandstand200 Turf Club Road #04-09
Singapore 287994
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