Art Touch I

About Art Touch I

Between the ages of 5 – 10 years old, children can be viewed as in the “Middle figurative” stage. At this stage, they are ready to form stable concepts of themselves and their environment. In this programme, we will have a series of activities such as drawing, painting and using different media to form concepts about themselves and the environment. Other than training them in drawing techniques, art appreciation will be another important area that we will focus on. This programme is split into 3 levels which cater for ages from 5 – 10 years old. There will be 8 terms for every level. An evaluation test will be conducted before the registration so as to better categorize them at the level which is most suitable for them.

Course Details

1 Hour 30 Minutes
Idea For:
Pre-School (3 - 6 Years Old)
Primary (7 - 12 Years Old)
Secondary (13 - 18 Years Old)
Adults (19 & Up Years Old)

Course Fees:

Course Fee:
$540 / 12 Lessons
Art Set:
Evaluation Test:

Course Locations:

The Grandstand:
200 Turf Club Road #04-09 Singapore 287994
Via Zoom

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